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Welcome to TerryDonWest.com
Thank you for taking the time to visit my web site.  I have been working very hard to improve our site and make it as informative as possible, both for fans and bull riding school students.  A lot of my students have really excelled in bull riding and hit amazing levels in earnings and overall success.  I am now waiting to find that next student who has the potential, and the heart, to become a great bull rider.  Could that be you?  The only way that we can find out is if you take the time to attend one of my bull riding schools.  I literally pour my heart and soul into these schools.  In a matter of 3 days, you will learn what it took me over 25 years to learn by personal experience.  
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Folks there are several reasons we decided to put up a website.  One, I just wanted my friends and fans to have a place to go to visit with me and get information about me, my family, and my career.  Another reason was to help my students past, present, and future to reach their goals in Bull Riding. And I also wanted a place to let everyone know what great sponsors I have and have had over the years I've been in the sport. 
We have several ways you can interact with us on this site. 

You can get info on my Bull Riding Schools by can call me at 918-521-1068.  

We would appreciate hearing from you and letting us know a little about you and what you think of the great sport of rodeo and especially bull riding and the best way to do that is to call us.

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"World Champion Bull Rider"